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Definition: An orderly plan made to disperse one’s property after their passing.

Estate Planning Terminology

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How Barchet Law helps…

Ensuring your future

You have spent years building your estate. Now we can help you protect it and provide for your loved ones. We know it is essential for you to ensure your assets are protected in the future.

Tailoring your solution

Your situation is unique, which is why we will assist you with arrangements that will protect your family in the future. Estate planning can seem very overwhelming. Our streamlined three step process makes the experience painless:

  1. Initial Meeting: We meet with you to determine your ultimate goals and objectives. We’ll start at the end, listening to your goals for the future and work our way back to the beginning: the estate plan that will guide you there. Our attorneys act as mentors and explain how we can help your dreams become a reality.
  2. Draft Custom Estate Plan: Following the meeting, we will draft a custom estate plan for you and send it to you for review. After reviewing, we can answer any questions you have and/or make any changes to your documents.
  3. Final Meeting: At this time you come in to sign your documents and leave with the originals that day.

Advising your decisions

We guide you through the estate planning process, serving as your mentor along the way. We listen to your goals for the future and help those become a reality.

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