Debt Collectors Collecting from Heirs

A recent article from The Trust Advisor highlights a new breed of debt collectors.  These collection companies specialize in collecting debts from the estates of people who were in debt, especially credit card debt, at the time of their death.

Many survivors, including widows, parents and children, receive calls from these collectors attempting to collect from the estate.  The Trust Advisor article suggests that these debt collectors are using a new tactic: they are convincing grieving family members that they need to pay off their loved one’s debt, even though there may be no legal obligation to do so!

If you are receiving these types of phone calls, you should contact a probate attorney who can help you with your loved one’s estate and let you know your rights.  Additionally, if an attorney is representing the estate, the debt collectors cannot call you anymore.  They have to direct all communication to the attorney.

If you need help wrapping up your loved one’s affairs or have questions about your rights or obligations as an executor or heir, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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